Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Have you seen our new website?
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Eat Right for Your Blood Type

We will customize your diet to your blood type, based on Dr. Peter D'Adamo's book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type. His research into anthropology, medical history, and genetics let him to conclude that blood type is "the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality, and emotional strength."

For more information on blood typing, which we'll happily explain in more detail to you in person. Call us for a consultation. Here's some general information from Dr. D'Adamo's site:

Type O-People with type O blood fare best on intense physical exercise and animal proteins and less well on dairy products and grains, says Dr. D'Adamo. The leading reason for weight gain among Type O's is the gluten found in wheat products and, to a lesser extent, lentils, corn, kidney beans, and cabbage, Dr. D'Adamo explains. Ideal exercises for Type O's include aerobics, martial arts, contact sports, and running.
Type A-Those with blood type A, however, are more naturally suited to a vegetarian diet and foods that are fresh, pure, and organic. As Type A's are predisposed to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, "I can't emphasize how critical this dietary adjustment can be to the sensitive immune system of Type A," says Dr. D'Adamo. Type A's prefer calming, centering exercise, such as yoga and tai chi.
Type B-Type B's have a strong immune system and a tolerant digestive system and tend to resist many of the severe chronic degenerative illnesses, or at least survive them better than the other blood types. Type B's do best with moderate physical exercise requiring mental balance, such as hiking, cycling, tennis, and swimming.
Type AB-Blood type AB, the most recent, in terms of evolution, of the four groups and an amalgam of types A and B, is the most biologically complex. For this group, a combination of the exercises for types A and B works best, says Dr. D'Adamo.